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Padraic Malinowski is an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS. He is qualified to prepare your 2019 individual and business tax return and to provide full representation and support before the IRS for any questions of issues regarding your 2019 return.

We specialize in preparing returns for artists, creators, and other self-employed businesspersons. As a lifelong performer and patron of the arts, Padraic understands how challenging it is to balance record-keeping, paperwork, and regulations against the passion and impulse to create. We will take the paperwork off your hands and allow you to make your best things. Special pricing is available for individuals with one self-employment schedule; please inquire!

PM Tax and Finance will help you prepare:

  • Form 1040 or 1040-SR (individual income tax)

  • Schedule A/B (itemized deductions)

  • Schedule C (self-employment income)

  • Schedule D (dividends and capital gains)

  • Schedule E (rental income)

  • Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit)

  • Schedule F (farm income)

  • Form 1065 (partnership income)

  • Form 1120, 1120-S (corporate income tax)

  • Form 2106 (employee business expenses)

  • Form 2441 (Child and Dependent Care credit)

  • Form 4684 (casualty losses)

  • Form 4868 (automatic 6-month extension of time to file)

  • Form 6251 (Alternative Minimum Tax)

  • Form 8812 (additional child tax credit)

  • Form 8829 (home office deduction)

  • Form 8863 (lifetime learning credits)

  • Form 8917 (tuition deductions)

  • Form 8962 (PPACA premium tax credit)

We can file your return electronically. Ask about our e-filing services.


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